7 Romantic Patio Design Ideas you’ll Fall in Love with this Valentines Day

7 Romantic Patio Design Ideas you’ll Fall in Love with this Valentines Day

Heavy traffic, over-priced restaurants, and crowded spaces not your thing? Use these 7 romantic patio design ideas to create an outdoor oasis you can use for stress free backyard dates this valentines day and beyond.

Wanna Get Away? – Romantic Patio Idea #1

We all love our neighbors (well most of them) but when it comes to evenings with your significant other be sure to design your romantic patio with spaces away from on-looking eyes. Privacy fences are the simplest choice here, but even those who can’t afford rows of high fencing can create romantic patio nooks using a classy yet affordable privacy screen.

Romantic Patio Moveable Privacy Wall Romantic Patio Foldable Privacy Wall Romantic Patio Privacy Fence

Ignite the flame – Romantic Patio Idea #2

Fires are romantic. They just are. Don’t question it, just go with it. Having comfortable seating around an easy-to-use fire pit is a recipe for many great nights with the one you love. Those able to splurge on their romantic patio design ideas can add this element through a well-placed propane fire pit while those looking for something more budget can go with a more traditional wood burning option.

Romantic Patio Design Fire place with man drinking wine Romantic Patio Design fire place Romantic Patio Design Ideas - fire place

Out of Sight; Out of Mind – Romantic Patio Idea #3

Romantic time together is about connecting in a stress-free environment. Clutter sabotages this time by keeping our minds off each other and on our long list of things we need to do. This means the first step in designing a romantic patio space is decluttering your outdoor area. Now, I’m not here to guilt trip you about how much stuff you hold on to and store outdoors. Instead, I will simply suggest purchasing storage that can keep your clutter tucked away during your times together. Get yourself a shed or one of these storage bins and watch the stress fade from your nights together as your clutter remains out of sight and out of mind.

Romantic Patio Design Ideas - storage bin Romantic Patio Design Ideas - bin Romantic Patio Design Ideas - shed

“Ambience” is just a Fancy Word for Good Lighting – Romantic Patio Idea #4

Don’t let the fancy words and designers fool you. Creating a romantic mood can be easily done by putting just a bit of effort into lighting. First, make good use of candles. Now, we all have a that one old citronella candle on our patio tables, but being romantic is all about showcasing effort. Set up of a row of matching candles to really light up the table while letting you dim the overhead porch lights. If you don’t have time to buy new candles, simply bring your indoor candle sticks outside for a night to add some bling to your outdoor space. String a strand or two of lights over-head and you have yourself a well-lit yet very romantic space to eat, talk and enjoy one another’s company.

Romantic Patio Design Ideas - strand of lights Romantic Patio Design Ideas - lights Romantic Patio Design Ideas - candles

She wants flowers!!!…Duh. – Romantic Patio Idea #5

This romantic patio design idea is especially for you gentlemen. Having flowers is a key part of creating romantic space for the woman that you love. That’s just the way it is; always has been, always will be. So how do we accomplish this without losing too much time or money? Here are three doable, budget friendly options.

a. Plant your own low maintenance flowers. No need to pay the florist on repeat. Plant some of your own beautiful, LOW MAINTENCE, potted flowers around your patio to lighten the space for years to come without breaking the bank or your back.

b. Swing by the grocery store on your way home from work. Grocery stores have some of the cheapest flowers especially if you go to the right ones. Don’t know which grocery stores carry the cheapest flowers? We have you covered with this list of the best grocery stores to buy flowers.

c. Know your options. Don’t let the last minute valentine’s day rush pigeon hole you into simply spamming 1-800 FLOWERS into your phone on repeat. Use these detailed lists to find a flower delivery option that fits your needs and budget. Floral delivery services in California.   Nationwide floral delivery services.

Romantic Flowers in well designed patio space Romantic Patio Design Ideas - flowers Romantic Patio Design Ideas - flowers

Create a space for closeness – Romantic Patio Idea #6

Romance is about closeness. There is nothing that hinders this more than having furniture that prevents couples from sitting side-by-side at the end of the night. Remedy this by investing in patio furniture that offers seating for two. Already have couples seating? Make sure it isn’t rusty and still has comfortable cushions. You want couples seating that invites people in, not “that old swing over there” collecting dust and rust. Does your couples’ seating need a facelift? Get a quote today on patio furniture refinishing or custom outdoor cushions to turn your old, rusted eye sores into romantic statement pieces.

Romantic Patio Design Ideas - Refinished Bench Romantic Patio Design Ideas - cushions Romantic Patio Design Ideas couch

Are you not entertained?!?!?!?! – Romantic Patio Idea #7

Finding entertaining things to do on a backyard date can be hard. We know. That’s why we wrote a whole blog post on it. Be sure to check it out!


Thank you for reading our article on romantic patio design ideas. We love hearing from our readers. Comment below with the best or worst date you have ever been on.

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