Patio Guys Partners with One Tree Planted

Patio Guys Partners with One Tree Planted

In 2019, Patio Guys launched a partnership with One Tree Planted, a 501C3 nonprofit dedicated to the reforestation movement. Forests are dying at a rapid pace and One Tree Planted is one of the organizations dedicated to fighting back by replanting trees, protecting biodiversity, and rehabilitating habitats around the world.

They focus on fostering six results that come from planting trees: air, water, biodiversity, social, health, and climate. Not only is this helping the environment, but it is having tremendous health and socioeconomic results.

One Tree Planted launched in 2014, and has doubled the number of trees that they have planted every year since they started with 1.3 million trees planted in 2018 alone. The nonprofit watches for climate and environmental events that require help then steps in where needed. For example, One Tree Planted planted trees in South Africa to offset the world cup emissions and is one of the organizations that continuously responds to help recover forests after fires like the Amazon fire recently and the California fires.

Those of us at Patio Guys have admired the efforts of One Tree Planted and decided to join the fight with the nonprofit. Inspired by seeing our customers take care of what they have, we want to take care of what we have now and make sure that the Earth last long for generations to come. Good stewardship of resources is a foundation for our business and we want to not only demonstrate that with refinishing furniture but also maintaining the Earth’s forests.

Patio Guys also shares a love for the environment and has an understanding of the urgency needed to protect it instilled in us from our owner, Jan Vanderlinden.

“Growing up, I have always had a fascination with and a love for trees. I enjoyed the science behind how they contribute to our ecosystem and how they are Earth’s natural carbon remover. I believe that since nature has provided so much for us that it is our responsibility to preserve it in return. I strive to fulfill this duty both in my personal life and through the operations of Patio Guys.”- Jan Vanderlinden

At Patio Guys, our goal goes beyond minimizing our footprint, not only are we recycling and trying to make our business the least harmful it can be on the environment, we are dedicated to making Patio Guys something good for the Earth. (Learn more about our values and initiatives.) Refinishing prevents outdoor furniture from ending up in landfills. We wanted to think of more ways to help and that’s when our tree planting initiative was born.

Our first campaign of the initiative launched after Earth Day 2019, resulting in Patio Guys planting 647 trees in 6 different areas. Stay tuned as we highlight each forest that we contributed to. This is just the beginning of our partnership with One Tree Planted and we are so excited to watch this partnership grow. You can find out more about One Tree Planted here and can see us listed as a business partner here.

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