Who We Are

Who We Are

Patio Guys is an outdoor furniture refinishing company with 40 years of expert experience in making patio furniture look brand new. We believe that outdoor furniture is just as important as indoor furniture. Our goal is to help bring our customers outdoor vision to life while helping them avoid the price tag of buying new outdoor furniture. Patio Guys customers are good stewards of their investment and buy quality furniture that they desire to take care of. Our job is to help them do this. Patio Guys is the largest and most trusted name in outdoor furniture refurbishing with 5 quality control steps, over 40,000 customers served and over 400,000 refinished pieces. We provide services to both home owners and commercial customers with pick up and delivery offered for 7 Southern California counties. In addition to offering repair services, we sell new patio umbrellas, commercial outdoor furniture, acrylic table tops, and custom cushions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower Patio Guys customers to make their outdoor furniture look exactly the way they want, regardless of the age and past use of the furniture. We inspire design and promote careful stewardship of furniture investment. Our goal is to support customers in creating an outdoor space where memories will be made with friends, family, and communities for years to come.


Founders Nick and Kathy Montemarano started Patio Guys in 1978 in a garage in San Marcos. Nick, the son of an outdoor furniture shop owner, saw a need for outdoor furniture repair after speaking with many of his father’s customers. The company originally served San Diego and now serves all of Southern California. After Nick passed away in 2005 the company was sold to current president, Jan Vanderlinden, who strives to continue to provide high quality refinishing services to customers across Southern California.

Meet The Team

Patio Guys employs trained technicians in our factory and customer service representatives that have our customers best interest in mind. Our team is made up of hardworking individuals that will ensure that the job gets done and the job gets done well. Each technician is trained in quality control and accesses each piece individually to ensure top quality.

17 of the Patio Guys team members

Our Values


We believe that we can never stop learning. Education allows us to revolutionize the processes that we use to better serve our customers, and education is the tool that unlocks more doors for each member of our team. Our employees are encouraged and assisted in registering for higher education courses. The key to a strong company is investing in the team that makes up our company. This is at the heart of Patio Guys. When individuals on our team succeed, we all succeed. As our company grows, our goal is to someday provide an education fund for our employee’s children.

Patio Guys owner shaking hands with employee holding a management institute certificate


The US EPA reports that over 9.8 million tons of furniture waste (the least recycled item in households) enter landfills every year. As we are in the furniture business, this is extremely troubling to us. We want to sustain the environment for generations to come. By refinishing, Patio Guys provides our customers with the tools they need to prevent their furniture from adding to the statistic. Customers make their outdoor furniture look brand new, built with the same quality of new furniture and do so while helping the environment. Below are our concrete initiates that put our believes into action.

Our Initiatives

By providing repair as an option, Patio Guys has helped save approximately 4 million pounds of furniture waste from entering the landfills in our 40 years in business and our goal is to reach a total of 10 million pounds in the next 40 years. Another way that we help the environment is by recycling office and factory material. Many industrial materials are disposed without a second thought to what can be reused. We focus on recycling material wherever possible.

Pounds of Furniture kept out of Landfills 10 million

In 2019 we launched an initiative consisting of a series of campaigns where we donate to One Tree Planted. Our goal is to plant a total of 10,000 trees. Many of our customers had their outdoor furniture handed down to them. We believe that it is our duty to be good stewards of what we hand down to future generations. Our 2019 campaign consists of donating a portion of each sale during the month kicked off by Earth Day (4/22-5/31) to One Tree Planted, a 501C3 nonprofit. Every piece of furniture refinished means one more tree planted. We started off close to home by planting 100 trees in California, which was recently affected by the 2017 wildfires that burned more than 1.3 million acres holding 129 million trees. We planted 100 trees in Colorado where forests have been facing many threats, and we planted 47 trees in the Andes which has a growing population that is heavily reliant on the forests. We also planted 100 trees in Brazil and 100 trees in Guatemala which are both losing forests at a rapid rate. The Amazon rainforest has taken a big hit in 2019 after wildfires swept through the forests. This is why Patio Guys has also planted 200 trees in the Amazon. These forests are needed for both our planet’s health and for sustaining the economy of the local communities.

10,000 Trees Planted

A core Patio Guys belief is taking care of our customers AND taking care of our team. We love seeing our team thrive. Since our owner bought the company, we have had over 1,925 hours of training and have had many employees register and complete college classes at Orange Coast College. Our goal is to complete 10,000 hours of education for our team in the next 5 years. We want our team to continue learning the topics that they find most interesting and useful in their development.

10,000 Hours spent on Training and Education.



Our team looks forward to hearing from you. Enter your information below, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or give us a call at (844) 968-7485. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.