10 “Must Have” Tips for an amazing Patio Remodel

10 “Must Have” Tips for an amazing Patio Remodel

Find your look – Patio Remodel Tip #1

Whether it be Mediterranean, Oriental, or Rugged there is a design theme out there which matches you and your taste. Knowing your style before your patio remodel can help you tie your outdoor experience together with unique pieces like koi ponds, mosaics, rock gardens, and pergolas.


Find your focal points… and what you want to hide. – Patio Remodel Tip #2

Every part of your patio is not created equal. Designate a few key features as focal points and draw attention toward them using strategic bursts of flowers and color while filling in other sections with less décor and larger greenery. Having this contrast between focal points and background will keep your patio from looking overly crowded and allow you to keep décor costs low. On the other end of the spectrum, don’t forget to hide storage units, garages, and especially large trash cans with hedges, fences, and other features that keep your guests’ eyes away from the ugly and towards the lovely.


Choose Lasting Materials – Patio Remodel Tip #3

A patio remodel is difficult so one of your top priorities should be ensuring you don’t have to remodel your patio…again. This means finding handymen you can trust and buying furniture that lasts. It will cost you more today, but you will be glad you chose quality in the years to come.

new colorful chase Uniform Patio and chair dining set

New Long Lasting Patio Furniture.

Remember Comfort – Patio REmodel Tip #4

Whether it be large fluffy pillows or convenient storage and counter space, make sure you take a few steps to make your patio area feel comfortable in addition to simply looking great. It might not impress the neighbors, but it will keep you and your family excited to spend time in your outdoor oasis for many nights to come.

New Comfortable Patio Cushions

The sun is your friend!…. and your enemy – Patio Remodel Tip #5

A bright sunny day is one of the main reasons you will want to use your patio space, but it can also be what forces guests inside during the hot hours of the afternoon. This is why portable shade coverings are such a crucial component for patio spaces. They allow you to experience the amazing sunshine when days are cool and curb the suns rays when things get hot. This type of covering can be achieved through retractable patio covers or the strategic use of quality umbrellas.

New Patio Umbrellas

Consider maintenance – Patio Remdel Tip #6

Your patio space is going to be all yours to enjoy!…and to maintain. Don’t skimp on the extra steps and planning necessary to make your life easier when upkeeping your new paradise. Choose hearty plants which require minimal watering as the bulk of your landscaping or spend that little bit extra to  have the whole yard watered through an irrigation system. Use proper sealant to protect wood features and create a system for ensuring key patio furniture pieces spend most of their life in the shade

Your best options for low maintenance outdoor plants

Just because everything is changing, doesn’t mean everything must go. – Patio Remodel tip #7

One of the easiest ways to save on a patio remodeling budget is to recognizing which pieces of your current patio can be integrated into your refurbished space rather than replaced. Do you have quality patio furniture that you enjoyed for years before it became rusted and worn? Look into patio refinishing as a cheaper more eco-friendly option to buying new. You will be surprised just how transformational a refinishing can be for your furniture. Are your pavers nearly invisible beneath a layer of dirt and grass? Rent a power washer and pull them out for a good once over before resigning yourself to buying new.


See what refinishing can do for you.

A little light and water Can Make a huge difference. – Patio Remodel Tip #8

Light and water are both essential features to your patio project. Water features set the mood and bring cooling humidity during the hot, dry hours of the afternoon. Strategic fires and light features bring ambiance and illuminate your focal points during those cool hours of the evening. Having a bit of both enables your patio to be a special place at all hours of the day.

Colorful Covers are your friends – Patio Remodel Tip #9

There will be many places in your patio remodel where you must spend more money than expected to get the quality you need, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to save a little cash with colorful covers such as patio rugs, new paint and patio furniture restrapping. Refinishing a concrete patio is expensive, but a colorful patio rug is very affordable and can serve a similar purpose. Installing a new fence is pricey, but a few fence repairs and a fresh coat of paint can achieve similar results for less. New designer pool chairs might be out of the budget, but restrapping your current pool furniture with a unique colorful design can often achieve the same effect.

Beautiful Patio with Funiture  old patio chase next to new patio chase

A Colorful Update for your Chairs is just a Phone Call Away

Nothing ever happens “tomorrow” – Patio Remodel Tip #10

A patio remodel only happens when we make it happen. Even if you don’t have every detail set be sure to make the calls necessary to get your patio redo project happening TODAY!

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