Our Quality

Quality Leadership

Providing our customers with a satisfying Patio Guys experience is held at the upmost importance for us. We look at every corner of the business to access where we are and how we can improve. Our owner not only has background in business but has 40 years of experience and a degree in manufacture engineering. There is continuous communication between lead technicians in the factory, our engineer, and our owner to ensure that the furniture that we are delivering is the best quality. The knowledge and love of engineering in every part of the company has made refining our manufacturing process a key focus of Patio Guys.

Black and white photo album shot of 6 people working on a machine

Pictured is our owner (top center) working on a Chip Tester during his time as a manufacturing engineering for Teradyne.

Quality Standards

We pride ourselves on delivering furniture that looks better than new. Each piece of furniture is inspected throughout the entire process of refinishing. We have numerous inspection points designated to lead technicians in every stage of refurbishment. For example, in our paint department alone, we have trained technicians accessing the thickness of the paint, checking for blemishes, analyzing the adhesion of the powder coat, measuring the coverage of the powder coat, etc.

Patio Guys employees smiling in front of yellow sandblast machine

Patio Guys engineer and sandblasting technician in front of the sandblasting machine.

Quality Material

Patio Guys takes pride in delivering only the highest quality furniture; that means we also value using only the highest quality materials from the most reputable name brands. We only work with the top brand suppliers. Our sling fabrics are only from Phifertex, Twitchell, and Sunbrella. Our cushion fabrics are only from Sunbrella. In over 40 years in business, the Patio Guys team has taken it upon ourselves to not simply rely on our suppliers’ strong reputations, but to also test it. We are constantly accessing the top-rated material that we use. We tested different suppliers of vinyl strap and different chemical cleaners on various strap colors so we can learn the most about the makeup of our products. We also tested various colors and supplier products against the impact of UV exposure and environmental elements such as the impact of rain. This comes from a love of the trade and a fascination of the process that is instilled in the company from our leadership. Our owner, engineer, and seamstress together have done in house testing of various weight loads on sling fabrics. How does the stitching change because of this? Does stitching change for different textures of fabric? Does the distance between stiches and the placement of the stiches make a difference? It is questions such as these that our team has pondered, tested, and found the best solutions for in order to find an unsurpassable formula for the most durable outdoor furniture.

Patio Guys female semstress smiling at the camera

Patio Guys Seamstress sewing a new custom sling.

A chaise lounge with a variety of colors straps along the frame

Pictured is a variety of straps that have undergone testing against sun and environmental exposure for years.

Quality Systems

Due to the manufacturing background of members in every area of our company, we have implemented key methodologies for improving quality including Lean and 6 Sigma. These methodologies have taught us philosophies and techniques to improve our manufacturing processes. Each helps us look at the physical pieces of the factory to implement mistake proofing steps.

Patio Guys employee cutting an acrylic table top

Patio Guys team member cutting a custom acrylic table top for our customer.

Quality Craftmanship

Our team is the heartbeat of Patio Guys. A few of our technicians have been specialists at Patio Guys for over 10 years and some even have been perfecting the art of outdoor furniture with us for over 25 years. Our team members are experts in outdoor furniture and continue to complete weekly trainings as we strive to always improve our knowledge of the trade.

Two Patio Guys employees installing a sling into a Brown Jordan outdoor couch

Patio Guys team members installing a new sling into a couch from Brown Jordan’s Cloud Nine Collection.


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