Patio Furniture Value: What is my Patio Furniture Worth? in 4 Easy Steps

Mid-tier Value Patio Chairs in Disrepair

Patio Furniture Value: What is my Patio Furniture Worth? in 4 Easy Steps

If you’re like most people, it’s been a long time since you purchased your patio furniture. This makes determining your patio furniture’s value extremely difficult. How can you determine a patio furniture piece’s value when you don’t remember what you paid for it? Is a piece worth investing in for a refinish or repair? Should you seek to sell your patio furniture on a second-hand market? How much would it cost to simply replace everything and start brand new? This blog will explore each of these questions and show you how you can leverage the value of your current patio furniture when updating your outdoor oasis.

On brand  –  Patio Furniture Value Step #1

The number one indicator of your furniture’s value is its brand. This is both because of the reputation associated with the brand and because high-end brands use much higher quality materials and processes when creating furniture. High end furniture brands such as Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Woodard, Mallin or OW Lee design furniture made to last for generations. On the other end of the spectrum, many box store brands such as Home Depot or Coscto have more price sensitive manufacturing processes which make their furniture less durable overall when compared to name brands.

If you don’t know the brand of your Patio furniture, simply use your judgement to determine it’s quality. Has it lasted you over 8 years without rusting or breaking? Is it stylized in a tasteful aesthetic with welded joints? Is it made of expensive material like aluminum or wrought iron? If these are true, chances are you have high quality furniture.

Patio Furniture Value - Brown Jordan Chair High value Brown Jordan Chaises poolside Patio Furniture Value - High End Dining Set Patio Furniture Value - High End Couch Set

Irreplaceable  –  Patio Furniture Value Step #2

So you have high-quality patio furniture; what does that translate to as far as monetary value? Well, the answer is a lot. High quality patio furniture is made with highly rust resistant metals like aluminum which will last for decades if their paint is maintained. It also comes with high quality welds that rarely fall apart even when they are extensively used. Due to this craftsmanship, the cost of these furniture items has only gone up over time.

Consider that a Brown Jordan chair now run upwards of $915 with sling chaises costing over twice that amount at $2,600. Tropitone, a more mid-priced patio furniture manufacturer, still sells most of their chairs for over $500 a piece with sling chaises priced 3 times higher at $1500 a chaise. This means regardless of how much you can sell your current furniture for, it holds considerable value to you as an owner simply because replacing it with something of similar quality will require a great deal of money.

High Value Brown Jordan Strapped Chair High Value Brown Jordan ChaiseMid-tier Value Patio furniture Tropitone ChairMid-tier Value Tropitone Patio Chaise

The Crux of the Issue: The Resale Market  –  Patio Furniture Value Step #3

Before you begin rejoicing over your new found fortune, we must caveat that despite it’s durability and ever increasing price tag Patio furniture is notorious for having a low resale value. With cheaper box store options and a plethora of sellers simply looking to off-load their current sets, most sellers end up parting with their beloved chairs, chaises, and tables at 10 to 20% of the set’s true worth.

Want to verify those percentages for your specific set? Go to Facebook marketplace (One of the largest resale markets in the world). Type in your set specifics (including brand if possible). Under filters, scroll down to the availability section. Click the down arrow then select sold. Don’t skip this step. People list their patio furniture at prices all over the spectrum. Seeing the prices, however, doesn’t mean anything if these items aren’t actually selling. Seeing the sold listings gives you an accurate idea of what customers are actually willing to pay for your patio set. I, for one, was surprised by the results.

In just a few searches, I was able to find dozens of Patio sets being sold at insanely low prices. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get okay value out of your set. It simply means that hitting 40% of furniture value for resell takes a lot longer than you would think. Consider this 6 chair swivel dining set in good condition that just sold in Mission Veijo for $300 or this lovely 4 chair Tropitone dining set that just sold for $50. Obviously, every sale won’t be this low. However, it’s offers like these that put pressure on sellers to lower prices to compete, or find their Patio furniture wasting away in a shed somewhere waiting for that one buyer who is willing to pay out rather than wait for a better deal.

High Value Metal Patio Set sold for $300 on facebook marketplace  10 high value vintage brown jordan patio dining chairs sold for $750

Now what? – Refinishing  –  Patio Furniture Value Step #4

So we know your high-quality patio furniture is valuable. However, we have also discovered it’s nearly impossible to take advantage of that value in the current resale market. This is where patio furniture refinishing has provided such a valuable solution for so many. Refinishing your current patio set represents up to a 70% savings over buying new replacement furniture and is friendly for the environment. Refinishing at a quality refinisher involves a complete sand blasting and repaint using the same grade-A powder coat finish top brands use without the high-end furniture price tag. This resets the clock on the patio set allowing it to last for decades to come.

With an extensive color selection, refinishing also represents a perfect opportunity to bring a new style into your patio space while still using your current materials. While it might not be cost effective for certain lower tier brands, as long as the resale market remains as low as it is, refinishing will continue to be the option of choice for those looking to get value out of their current high-end patio set.

Thank you for reading our blog on patio furniture value. Have a specific question concerning your current patio set? Comment your question down below or give us a call at 1-800-310-4897. Want to revamp you entire patio space? Check out our blog on a the 10 Must Have Tips for a Successful Patio Remodel.

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