Author - Joanna Solis

Patio Guys Outdoor Umbrellas

An outdoor umbrella is a necessity for those hot summers and sunny afternoons. Since we are in the outdoor furniture business, we decided to offer customers a variety of outdoor umbrellas in addition to our refinishing services. We provide Patio Guys customers with a wide selection of the top outdoor umbrella brand, Treasure Garden. Established in 1984, Treasure Garden has led the industry in manufacturing luxury, custom-made outdoor umbrellas that incorporate both style and usability together to create the perfect [...]


The California Wildfires and Patio Guy’s Involvement

There is so much to do in California which is why we love that our company is located right here in Southern California. Sunny weather and nice summers make California special and a destination to live. However, just like any other state, California sees its share of natural disasters mainly made up of earthquakes and forest fires. In the past few years alone, we have seen large California forests go up in flames and homeowners across the state forced [...]


Patio Guys Partners with One Tree Planted

In 2019, Patio Guys launched a partnership with One Tree Planted, a 501C3 nonprofit dedicated to the reforestation movement. Forests are dying at a rapid pace and One Tree Planted is one of the organizations dedicated to fighting back by replanting trees, protecting biodiversity, and rehabilitating habitats around the world. They focus on fostering six results that come from planting trees: air, water, biodiversity, social, health, and climate. Not only is this helping the environment, but it is having tremendous [...]

Outdoor dining set overlooking Southern California neighborhood

Fall Outdoor Party Planning Tips

It’s already October in 2019! The year went by way too fast, but on the bright side, we are now in the season of back to back holidays! Hollo-thanks-mas is officially around the corner. We could not be more excited for festive fall and all the meals, traditions, family time, and seasonal Starbucks drinks that comes with it. We have now entered the season of gathering together with loved ones and making memories that will last a lifetime. What [...]


Love it or List it…Outdoor Furniture Version

Patio Guys Brings Lessons from the Hit HGTV Show to Southern California Who here is a fan of HGTV? Those of us at Patio Guys sure are. We enjoy watching houses become dream homes. What can we say, we love seeing the transformation, and we actually happen to know a thing or two about it also. What “Love it or List it” as well as other shows like “Fixer Upper” tells us is that there is value in repairing. That [...]

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6 Ways to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

A well cared for outdoor furniture set can be passed down for generations and with some occasional refinishing and consistent TLC, will still look like it was bought yesterday. Here are some simple and easy ways to maintain your outdoor furniture and ensure a long-lasting investment. 1. Cover Your Outdoor Furniture Covering your outdoor furniture during harsh weather seasons goes a long way. While intense heat and rainy days are on opposite ends of the temperature spectrum, both climates are damaging [...]