Patio Guys Outdoor Umbrellas

Patio Guys Outdoor Umbrellas

An outdoor umbrella is a necessity for those hot summers and sunny afternoons. Since we are in the outdoor furniture business, we decided to offer customers a variety of outdoor umbrellas in addition to our refinishing services. We provide Patio Guys customers with a wide selection of the top outdoor umbrella brand, Treasure Garden.

Established in 1984, Treasure Garden has led the industry in manufacturing luxury, custom-made outdoor umbrellas that incorporate both style and usability together to create the perfect umbrellas. They are the first to adapt new textile technology and consistently push to better their designs.

With plenty of fabrics and collections to choose from, we can offer umbrellas suitable to every specific taste of our customers. We are going to break down a few popular umbrella styles so you can find which one is most suitable to you.

One way to differentiate umbrellas is by the way that the umbrella’s canopy tilts.


Types of Canopy Adjustment

Twist To Tilt-To tilt the umbrella canopy, twist the knob around the umbrella poll.
Infinite with Crank-The tilt happens automatically which the umbrella is cranked for the lift. The crank works to open and tilt the umbrella simultaneously.
Glide Tilt-Simply Slide the housing and the canopy tilts to have shade and comfort.
Push button– Hold down a button while adjusting canopy tilt.
No tilt– The umbrella canopy does not tilt.

Types of Outdoor Umbrella Lifts

Crank-A lever needs to be cranked in order to lift up the umbrella.
Push button-The umbrella opens with the push of a button.
Quad Pulley-The umbrella opens by pulling on a cord.
Pop-up/ SS Pin-The umbrella slides up and pops into place (similar to rain umbrellas).

There are plenty of collections to chose from with a wide range of color pairings. This allows our customers to build their custom umbrella. They pick the style, canopy color, and frame finish color.

Our Best-Selling outdoor Umbrellas:

Residential: Market Collection. The Market umbrella is a classic style that is suitable for any outdoor space.

Commercial: Commercial Collection, No tilt
We recommend no canopy tilt for commercial umbrellas because the less moving parts means it is more resistant to breakage and being mishandled by users. The commercial collection is commercial grade umbrellas meant to last a long time with high usage.

We recommend that you close and store your umbrellas during the off season to prevent them from getting blow away or damages. For other outdoor furniture maintenance tips check out our blog post on maintaining outdoor furniture. View our entire umbrella section on Treasure Garden’s Website. 

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