Patio Guys Coronavirus Response

Patio Guys Coronavirus Response

Post Update: 5/20/2020

Since the below letter has been released, the Governor has begun implementing a plan to reopen California. Patio Guys falls under phase one of the plan to reopen and is currently in full operation with all employees working. All employees are required to wear and are provided face masks while performing company duties and while on the property. Drivers wear masks while conducting pickups and delivery’s. We also are flexible and often work with customers to coordinate a zero-contact pickup and delivery. We are very fortunate in being a business that already relies on very little face to face interaction, such a phone calls and emails, which makes putting these processes into place very seamless. The Patio Guys location is only open to employees. Customers stopping by will still be helped in front of the building and will still received the full service that they would have received prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. This is to ensure safety and distance for both our customers and employees. We pride ourselves on creating as sterile of an environment as possible to ensure that all furniture is being sent out safely. We have a very vigorous cleaning policy. We have conducted numerous meetings to ensure that all employees are aware of and are safely following guidelines. These meetings are accompanied by Patio Guys signage hung throughout our facility to serve as a consistent reminder of sanitation procedures for our team.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions by phone at 800-310-4897 or by commenting on this post. Maintaining fluid communication during this time is a huge priority for us.

Thank you and please continue to stay safe as you begin to navigate a return to normalcy.

Jan Vanderlinden

Patio Guys Owner



Below Letter Published: April 3, 2020

Dear Patio Guys customers,

The health and safety of all Patio Guys customers and employees is the upmost importance to the management team and ownership. I have been monitoring the current coronavirus outbreak closely to ensure that Patio Guys is in compliance with all CDC recommendations. Not only are we continuously following recommendations, but we are committed to going above and beyond to do our part in slowing the spread of the outbreak. Just like you, I have loved ones that are vulnerable in this time. Patio Guys has a responsibility to protect the elderly, immunocompromised, and general population that we both employ and provide business to. Patio Guys has a duty to our community that has given us so much, and I take that very seriously. Below outlines the measures that our team has been taking and will continue to take.

Compliance and Communication

In compliance with Governor Newson’s Stay at Home Order, the Patio Guys factory has currently paused production until further clearance is provided by the governor for business to continue as usual. We do have some staff working remotely and we are still answering phones in order to keep our line of communication open to both current customers as well as future customers. A sales rep can be reached at (800) 310-4897 during our regular business hours.

Social Distance

Prior to the Governor’s Stay at Home Orders, the company followed all CDC recommended precautions regarding workplace interaction. I ensured all employees were made aware of and practiced the 6 ft. social distance for all interactions. This will still be practiced in addition to future CDC guidelines when California business resumes as usual and employees return to our site.


Prior to the Governor’s Stay at Home Orders, our factory and office cleaning was ramped up and hand sanitizer was made available for employees. Employees were also encouraged to wash their hands more than normal. This ramped up cleaning schedule will still be used once business returns to normal and our employees return to our site.

Sick Leave

I believe no employee should choose between health and being able to provide for their family. Prior to the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, I extended paid sick leave to ensure that no employee comes to work sick. This also ensures that employees feel comfortable staying home for the full duration of their sickness in the case that an employee does fall ill. This is also done to protect all Patio Guys employees and customers from exposure. This will continue as long as the Coronavirus continues to pose a threat to Californians’ health.

Driver Interaction

Our business is unique in the fact that Patio Guys can operate with very little to no physical interaction with customers. This is very valuable under current circumstances. Although we do have a physical location open to the public (temporarily not available due to the Stay at Home order), the only interaction most customers have with us is through the phone and through our pickup and delivery drivers. In an effort to minimize human interaction, customers have an option to grant Patio Guys drivers access to their backyard during pickup and delivery. This allows the customer to have their furniture transported without driver contact. Color samples are carried by drivers to share with customers, but color samples are also available online and can be mailed to customers as well.

We understand this is a time where finances can be a stressful topic, and we are proud to continue to offer a more economical alternative to buying new outdoor furniture. I truly appreciate your support of local businesses in this time. Please leave any comments or questions that you may have and I will respond to you promptly.

Stay healthy,
Jan Vanderlinden
Patio Guys Owner

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