The Kothari Method Inspiring the American Dream

The Kothari Method Inspiring the American Dream

Patio Guys 2020 4th of July Celebration

Featuring Author Amit Kothari

Patio Guy’s 4th of July celebration was one for the company history books. The celebration started with an El Pollo Loco catered company lunch (individually boxed, and eaten while socially distancing as always) and ended with team gifts that included a Patio Guys reusable bag, t-shirts, and goodies such as 4th of July decorations and a pack of hot dogs and hot dog buns for each team member to take home for their weekend celebrations. The main event of the celebration is what really made this day special for the Patio Guys team.

Our company’s owner, Jan Vanderlinden, gifted each member of the team a copy of The Kothari Method: Transforming Good People into Great Leaders written by Amit Kothari, a successful busines leader, accomplished author, and good friend to Jan. The book serves as a resource for our team members and their families to learn strategies critical for unlocking the next level of leadership as well as personal and professional growth. One of Patio Guys core values is education. In the past, this has been demonstrated through funding of college courses for employees, introducing new training courses, and providing employees bonuses for learning new skills. This past week Jan once again displayed his commitment to this pillar by giving us each a copy of Kothari’s book. The surprises did not end there!


Team Photo Holding Kpthari Method Book
Patio Guys team members holding their copies of the Kothari Method book.


Amit Kothari visited the Patio Guys facility and spent some time speaking with our team about his journey and how his book can apply to and be used as a resource to advance each of us as we pursue our goals and as we aim to find success in our unique journeys. Mr Kothari tailored the lessons in his book to the challenges that many of us face, especially in times like this, by speaking to challenges that he has faced in the past and how he has overcome them. Our team was extremely engaged in what Mr. Kothari had to say and afterward spoke to the inspiration that was gained learning about Mr. Kothari story and how it related to their own. Not only did we have an opportunity to hear from Kothari himself, but each member of the team had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Kothari and get their copy of the book signed.


Patio Guys team and Mr. Kothari raising hands
The Patio Guys Team engaged in Mr. Kothari’s story of his journey.


The Patio Guys Team listening to Mr. Kothari's story
The Patio Guys Team listening to Mr. Kothari’s story and lessons he has learned.


Thank you Mr. Kothari for pouring your knowledge into this book to share with others and thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Especially in the times that we are in, coming together and sharing knowledge with each other is more important than ever before. Thank you for investing your time in us and providing us with new strategies to take on our goals.
Thank you to Jan Vanderlinden for all that you do for the team and for gifting each of us a copy of this book. This is an experience that we are thankful for. We are very lucky to work under a leader that truly cares about us and our success.


The Patio Guys Team getting Mr. Kotharis autograph on their book copies.
The Patio Guys Team lined up to get Mr. Kothari’s autograph on their book copies.


A Patio Guys team member speaking with Mr. Kothari while getting his book signed.
A Patio Guys team member speaking with Mr. Kothari while getting his book signed.


The American dream is alive and well this 4th of July! We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and doing well amidst the pandemic. Click here to purchase your copy of The Kothari Method!


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