4 Essential Fall Outdoor Party Planning Tips

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4 Essential Fall Outdoor Party Planning Tips

It’s already October! The year went by way too fast, but on the bright side, we are now in the season of back to back holidays! We could not be more excited for festive fall and all the meals, traditions, family time, and seasonal Starbucks drinks that comes with it. We have now entered the season of gathering together with loved ones and making memories that will last a lifetime. What comes with all the love is holiday parties: barbecues, potlucks, cookie decorating nights, and game nights. This is when your inner entertainer can now be free to implement all the Pinterest decoration ideas, and new recipes learned throughout the year.

At Patio Guys, we try to help wherever possible so here is your go to guide for throwing a fall outdoor party that will leave guest in awe and be a talking point at future family gatherings. Here are four main components to a holiday party:

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1. Aesthetics

This is the very first step in a memorable outdoor party is creating a great outdoor environment. This focuses on the largest components of your yard. To execute this step, ensure that everything is up to date after the summer use. This includes a clean pool, mowed grass, and maintained furniture. Decorations are great, but what really establishes the feel of the yard is what is already there.

Make sure to clean off your patio furniture. For simple budget friendly tricks see 6 Ways To Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture. If your furniture suffered a little more wear and tear than what cleaning can fix, refinishing is an option that will make your outdoor furniture look brand new with larger savings than buying new furniture. This also provides you with a chance to change up the colors from the original color pallet that it came in to a color pallet that suits your unique style. This is your chance to be bold and make a statement or own a more subdued look. For more information on refinishing benefits visit Love it or List it…Outdoor Furniture Version. The next component is positioning furniture to allow for open conversations. This can include seats facing each other and wide circles of chairs. The space setup has a major affect on how people interact with each other.

2. Food

Arguable the most important part of an event. Integrate the outdoor environment into the meal choices. Barbeques are a go-to for outdoor events. With a table of side dishes and an ice cooler, it’s hard to go wrong. Cold weather calls for creative seasonal integration into the food. For example, a hot chocolate stand will be convenient for guests and show off some creativity. Grab an extension cord, a crock pot, and some toppings and you have everything you need to put it together. Another idea is a smores bar. This would include a fit pit or even a barbeque where guests can customize their own roasted marshmallows and smores. For more Fall food recipes see click here

3. Ambiance

This includes music and lighting and decorations. Aim for laid back and fun music that keeps the energy up-beat but set at a volume that does not overpower speaking. Your guests want to be able to hear each other and carry conversation but want some music in the background. Pick a fun decoration theme that you can incorporate into all aspects of the party, food, photobooth, and attire. How the decorations work together is more important of how many decorations you have. This is a chance to unleash some creativity into the space.

4. Entertainment

One word; competition, what’s a family without some competition. Its finally the time for siblings to face off while yielding support from their favorite cousins. Have something for everyone. All age groups want to have fun. There should be games for adults just as there would be entertainment for kids. You can never go wrong with yard games; buy a crocket set or corn hole boards. Having lots of options allows guest the choice of doing what they want with their time. Some guests will sit back and have conversations and other will be glued to the giant Jenga set all night. The variety enables each person the ability to have a great night that is customized to their interests. It also works as a great icebreaker and easy conversation starter to bring together individuals who do not know each other or are showing up without having as much connections at the party.

Now all you need to do is get the most important part of the party together and invite all your friends and family! What we love about outdoor furniture is that it is one major element of  bringing loved ones together in an outdoor gathering.

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