8 Unstoppable Outdoor Design Trends from LA in 2023

8 Unstoppable Outdoor Design Trends from LA in 2023

Each year a region will push the outdoor design space to new heights by influencing all the regions around it. In 2023, that region will be LA. Here are the 8 unstoppable outdoor design trends from LA that will take the outdoor design world by storm in 2023 and how you can implement them in your own outdoor space.

Market Saturation – Outdoor Design Trend #1

Bright and bold are back! Did they ever really leave? With Pantone announcing Viva Magenta as 2023’s color of the year, it has become eminently clear that the use of jewel tones as an accent color isn’t just an LA thing anymore. Outdoor spaces everywhere are firmly on a design journey towards the rich, saturated hues of rubies, sapphires and amethysts. Consider incorporating splashes of these tones into your patio space by changing the paint color of your patio chairs, adding colored vases or custom ordering some boldly-colored, accent cushions.

Outdoor Patio Table and Chairs with viva magenta - Outdoor Design Trend Jewel Color outdoor Couch - 2023 Outdoor Design Trends from LA viva magenta - 2023 Outdoor Design Trends from LA

Sustainable Spaces – Outdoor Design Trend #2

Sustainability has been at the forefront of LA’s design space for over a decade, but 2023 will see this trend influence outdoor spaces throughout southern California and beyond. You can highlight this focus on sustainability and do your part to make our planet a better place by finding ways to repurpose items in your patio décor instead of buying new. Consider utilizing repurposed glass or antique metalwork instead of store-bought vases as prominent décor features. When outdoor furniture begins to chip, choose to refinish instead of buying new. Your furniture will look as fresh as ever and you will now have a great conversation point when guests ask how you found your new seating.

Flowers in reused glass bottles outdoor decor 2023 outdoor design trend Outdoor Patio Swivel Chairs Refinished Before and after Vintage Metal Chair with Flowers and Vintage Plates in 2023 designed outdoor space

Nature’s Invitation – Outdoor Design Trend #3

The merging of indoor and outdoor décor to allow easy flow between the two is nothing new in the world of design. What is new is the direction that flow is going. Previous iterations of this concept used warm-interior décor to invite guests into the home. In 2023, the invitation will be the other way around. Interior designers this year will take their que from LA and shift towards earthy tones and natural stone elements to instead invite guests outdoors. For patio spaces this means it is more important than ever to design a space that functions as a focal point for entertaining instead of just an overflow area. How do you make a Patio an entertainment focal point? It begins by including indoor amenities outside such as countertops, storage cabinets, and even outdoor ovens to allow you to serve guests entirely in the outside space. It also means using awnings, warming fires, and large cushions to give outdoor spaces a cozy, living-room type feel that invites guests into your outdoor oasis.

modern patio outdoor space with outdoor oven fireplace and cabinets Outdoor Patio Couch with Cousions and lit candles Outdoor Patio Space with umbrella, barbeque, sink modern 2023 design

A Trip around the World – Outdoor Design Trend #4

“In a world full of creativity there is no reason for your inspiration to stop at our borders.” LA has always been bursting with international design, but in 2023 this worldwide pursuit of inspiration will put it’s mark on outdoor spaces across the country. At the forefront of this trend will be an exploration of the Mediterranean style for outdoor living. This is the style of earth tones and lived-in textures highlighted by turf-block stonework and beautiful pergolas. Don’t have the budget for structural changes to your patio? Try adding some Greco-Roman vases or exquisite terra-cotta pots and planters to your décor to emulate this style without breaking the bank.

Turf and block design on driveway Mediterranean style 2023 patio design Mediterranean Style Patio Space with Pergola Terra Cotta Pots

Curb Appeal without the Work – Outdoor Design Trend #5

As a child, I always remember my father complaining that “the only thing you do with a front yard is mow it.” Like my father, many homeowners find themselves in a bind of needing their front yard area to look pristine for curb appeal while loathing the large amount of extra effort the space takes despite its lack of functional use. If this describes you, 2023 might be your year as exterior designers are finally bending to the public’s need for easy maintenance with some new front yard innovations learned from LA homeowners.

This trend begins with the lawn. More so than ever before, homeowners and designers alike are inserting AstroTurf in the front yard area instead of natural grass. While somewhat uncomfortable to walk on, AstroTurf saves water and removes any hassle the homeowner might have with mowing or yard maintenance for this less “lived-in” space. Designers are likewise choosing to bring accent to the front yard space with drought resistant plants and strategic lighting. Both these features go a long way in increasing your curb appeal while requiring minimal maintenance. Converting a front yard to this type of low maintenance design will take some time and money up-front, but coming home to a lush, well-lit house day after day without incessant upkeep is well worth the cost.

Well Lit House with great curb appeal Astroturf front lawn 2023 outdoor patio design Well Lit House front with 2023 design and excellent curb appeal

Growing Up – Outdoor Design Trend #6

Land is not cheap. Every Californian knows that. However, with land prices rising throughout the country, exterior designers have been forced to follow the lead of their western counterparts by innovating how they express their love of gardens to accommodate increasingly smaller outdoor spaces. Their answer in 2023 is vertical gardens. Ever since their introduction, this innovative gardening design has taken the exterior fashion design world by storm and will only continue to increase its presence in 2023. Vertical gardens are economical to install, take up almost no space, and make watering/weeding extremely convenient. Consider placing vertical gardens around your exterior fencing to give your outdoor area a lush trim without the expense of terraced landscaping. Always wanted natural spices for cooking? Consider planting an herb-wall near your barbeque area.

Vertical Garden with flowers along a fence 2023 LA Patio Design Vertical Garden along a fence using 2023 LA Patio Design Vertical Garden with Herbs 2023 LA Patio Design

Show your Metal – Outdoor Design Trend #7

Outdoor design is all about balance. You never want too much of just one thing. Bright splashes of Viva Magenta should always be balanced with the earthy tones of a Mediterranean design. An emphasis on warmth and natural plants should likewise be balanced out in your 2023 patio space with a metallic accent. By far the easiest way to achieve this metallic accent is in your patio furniture. This is one of the reasons wrought-iron patio furniture pieces remain such a timeless outdoor tradition. Consider refinishing rather than replacing such well crafted antique pieces as they match a 2023 aesthetic much more than you would originally think. Don’t have wrought-iron, patio furniture? Consider adding a metallic accent through tasteful antique décor pieces, hanging metallic designs, or brass bowls/vases.

Brass Plate at center point of Patio Space using 2023 LA outdoor design Metal Patio Furniture chairs and table in garden patio using 2023 LA Outdoor design Antique Metal decor on fence using 2023 LA outdoor design

Taking Light to the next Level – Outdoor Design Trend #8

Lighting has always been one of the most important features in an outdoor space, but 2023 is taking this love of lighting to the next level with many imaginative LA designs at the forefront. If you’re looking for a way to insert some pop to your patio space without expensive, time-consuming landscape work look no further than these innovative lighting features.

Innovative Flower Light Design from Lantern using 2023 LA outdoor design Light strands attached to teapot to make illusion of light pouring out using 2023 LA Outdoor Design Artistically Designed Lighting feature on antique wooden chair using 2023 LA outdoor design trend

You made it! Thank you for reading our blog on the 8 unstoppable outdoor design trends from LA that are taking the outdoor design world by storm in 2023! We love hearing from our readers, so be sure to comment below with your favorite 2023 design trend. Interested in updating your patio space? Check out our blog on the 10 “Must Have” Tips for an Amazing Patio Remodel.

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