The 8 Greatest Backyard Date Ideas for 2023

The 8 Greatest Backyard Date Ideas for 2023

A romantic date doesn’t always have to involve the hassle and expense of a night out on the town. Here are 8 amazing backyard date ideas for 2023 that can be done without even leaving home.

The Finer Things – Backyard Date Ideas #1

The best part about the outdoors is that the rain does half your clean up work for you. Use this to your advantage by introducing your significant other to art for the common man. Simply buy some adult paint by number kits, set up a plastic table cover and enjoy a night of conversation and the finer things: no artistic talent needed.

Paint by number backyard date idea Couple painting together backyard date idea

Conversation Straws – Backyard Date Ideas #2

At the end of the day, dates are about connection and conversation, but it can be easy for natural conversations to grow stale as the night goes on. Give your communication a boost by incorporating these Conversation starter questions into your time together. Simply print out the sheet, cut the different questions out, and staple them onto popsicle sticks or plastic straws to put in a cup/jar. Throughout the night, take turns grabbing a straw from the cup and answering the question. This keeps the communication flowing and ensures you each learn something new about each other.

conversation popsicle sticks backyard date idea Conversation straws backyard date idea

Outdoor Movie Night – Backyard Date Ideas #3

This one is a classic backyard date idea but deserves mentioning. Moving the movie time outdoors is a fun way to make a date feel unique and special without the hassle/expense of going to the theatre. Shift your screen outdoors for the night or invest in an outdoor screen/projector. Set up lights, a blanket as well as plenty of comfy pillows, and you have yourself a recipe for a romantic evening together watching the silver screen under the stars.

Outdoor Movie night backyard date idea Outdoor movie night backyard date idea

Botchy Ball or Lawn Darts – Backyard Date Ideas #4

These games are far from new, but they remain wonderful options as outdoor activities. They are simple to learn, require no set up, and are played at a pace that allows for easy conversation. Grab yourself a set and have some fun with this classic backyard date idea.

Lawn darts backyard date idea botchy ball backyard date idea

Attack of the drones – Backyard Date Ideas # 5

The price for drones isn’t what it used to be. Consider picking up one or two cheap mouse drones and challenging your significant other to a drone race around your back yard. Hang small rings as check points and either race head to head or run the course as a time trial if you only want to splurge for one drone.

Drone backyard date idea  2023 drone for backyard date

The Iron Chef – Backyard Date Ideas # 6

You are going to eat anyway. Why not make your food part of the fun? Below are 6 ways to do just that.

Mountain Pies – These simple outdoor gadgets allow you to turn bread, butter, and pie filling into a delicious treat cooked over an open fire. Buy some mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce to make a pizza version as well.

moutain pie maker over bbq cherry mountain pie to eat on backyard date

Build Your own Kabab – Probably one of the simplest ways to make your food part of the fun. Rather than fully cooking your meat before hand, cut it up together and design your own kabab skewers to be cooked on the grill or over an open fire.

Kabab on bbq made on backyard date kabab over grill made on backyard date 2023

Barbeque Taste Test – Don’t know what flavoring your significant other likes on their meat? Take the guessing out of the equation and insert some fun by buying a variety of Barbeque sauces from a grocery store and having a BBQ Taste test.

bbq sauce collage to purchase in 2023 bbq sauce sampler in jars 2023

Build your Own campfire Pizza (no oven needed) – Use this campfire pizza method to make your own pizzas together without even needing to go inside.

outdoor pizza over grill during backyard date finished outdoor pizza for two during backyard date

S’mores – These are a classic and a fun dessert addition to a date. If you don’t have a fire pit you can light a food warmer can to generate all the heat you need for s’mores for two.

S'more for couple on backyard date Couple toasting S'mores on backyard date

Ladder Ball or Corn Hole – Backyard Date Ideas #7

Simple, fun and you can have it available for years to come. A great way to connect with your significant other in your own backyard. Check them out here.

Couple playing ladder ball on backyard date Couple playing Corn hole on backyard date

Learn a New Game – Backyard Date Ideas #8

Take some time away from the screen with a fun couples’ card game. Buy a special game for your night together, or just have fun trying a new game with a standard deck.

Couple playing cards on backyard date Couple playing cards on backyard date

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