The 5 key patio furniture style trends for 2022

The 5 key patio furniture style trends for 2022

Take your outdoor style to the next level using these 5 key patio furniture style trends.

  1. Timeless Taste

In the world of Patio furniture style, a tasteful use of refinished vintage furniture has always been one of the best ways show your unique style and start conversations. This year proved no different as vintage continued to trend as the go to style for many designers.

Antique patio furniture Antique Patio Furniture

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  1. Follow the Pattern

2022 saw a resurgence of well-designed pattern work on pillows and outdoor covers. So the next time you are searching for some patio accessories don’t be afraid to venture outside of the monochrome section and into the world of tasteful patterns.

colorful pillow design Colorful Pillow Design

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  1. Indoor Comfort in an outdoor environment

From round corners to large comfortable pillows, furniture in 2022 seeks to give the same comfort you are accustom to in modern living rooms in an outdoor setting. This adds a relaxing element to your outdoor space and makes the patio feel like an extension of your indoor living space.

Comfortable patio furniture Comfortable patio furniture

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  1. Reclaimed glory

In a world where designers are becoming increasingly conscientious about their own carbon footprint, you don’t have go buy the newest furniture to have the best look. On the contrary, many of the cutting-edge designers of today are finding their inspiration through the reuse of old materials. Creativity is the key here, but when done correctly refinished furniture can easily become the statement piece your patio needs.

Refinished patio Furniture Refinished patio Furniture

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  1. Clutter-free Flexibility

Outdoor design in 2022 was all about space. Gaining space through the use of well designed organization cabinets then utilizing the space through flexible furniture arrangements that can be adjusted to fit both intimate and large entertainment settings.

patio furniture style table and chairs on patio

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