7 Amazing Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration Ideas

7 Amazing Christmas Holiday Decoration Ideas

7 Amazing Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration Ideas

The Christmas holiday will be here before you know it. Here are 7 Christmas holiday outdoor decoration ideas to help you show your Christmas spirit without breaking the bank…. or your back.

  1.  You can’t go wrong with natural decoration.

No matter your climate, Christmas decoration has always been about evergreens. An extra Christmas tree by the door or a group of evergreen potted plants can make a tasteful holiday addition to any outdoor space. Don’t have space for a tree? Consider using evergreen garland to add a natural holiday feel to your porch.

Group of Christmas trees Garland

2. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit of extra.

With a touch of creativity you can easily turn your areas of “clutter” into festive Christmas scenes. Consider adding a sleigh, blanket, candle set, or colorful present to turn these areas from visual lowlights to holiday highlights!

Holiday presents as decorations

Holiday Decorations
Photo Credit to: Future PLC

3. Holiday Décor is all about the door.

First impressions are important and your house is no different. Your entry way will be one of the most viewed outdoor areas of your whole property so decorate it well. Wreaths are almost as old as Christmas itself, but they remain an essential part of a holiday entry way. Find something festive but tasteful. Once you have a wreath in place, consider taking your front porch decoration to the next level by framing your entry way with garland or symmetrical evergreen plants.

Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration Front Door Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration Wreath

4. A touch of Christmas DIY goes a long way.

Most of us don’t have time for extensive outdoor DIY projects, but putting a collection of ornaments, electric votives,  and Christmas greenery in a glass container is something we can all do. Gather the family together and make a healthy number of your Christmas cheer boxes to provide a holiday accent all around your outdoor living space. You might enjoy the process more than you think and a personal touch in your décor goes a long way in making your display unique and inviting. Find more DIY Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration Ideas here.

Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration
Photo Credit: Future PLCDIY Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration

5. Prioritize fresh, comfortable seating.

If you live in a temperate climate like California, your outdoor space will be used for much more than decoration. Family and friends will use the space to connect during the Christmas holidays. When hosting holiday gatherings, there is no substitute for fresh, comfortable seating. Does your outdoor furniture need a facelift? Call today to order Custom Cushions or a furniture refinish in time for the Christmas holiday. 1-800-310-4897

Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration   

6. Let your windows shine!

Windows are a natural focal point for your homes’ exterior and are one of the easiest areas to decorate, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to easily make them shine with Christmas cheer. Electric candles or matching wreaths are simple yet tasteful decorations. If you are feeling up for something new try window frosting to give your windows a cozy holiday feel.

Christmas Holiday Decoration Ideas Wreath Christmas Holiday Decoration Ideas candles

7. Don’t forget the lights!

During the dark evenings of winter, there is nothing more important for outdoor holiday decoration than strategic bursts of light. Putting up lights can be time consuming, but thoughtful planning for light placement can ease the burden. You don’t always need every inch of your outdoors covered to create a spectacular setting. Instead, use thoughtful bursts of light around key trees and accent points.

Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration Christmas Holiday Outdoor Decoration ideas


Thank you for reading our guide on Christmas holiday outdoor decoration ideas. Be sure to comment below your favorite holiday decoration trick and check our out other blog posts including: THE 5 KEY PATIO FURNITURE STYLE TRENDS FOR 2022

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