OneTreePlanted Earth Month Partnership 2023

OneTreePlanted Earth Month Partnership 2023

Our exciting OneTreePlanted Earth Month Announcement!

As a company there are few things we love more than getting the chance to give back to our communities and the environment. This stems from our owner, Jan, and his desire to “leave the world better than how he found it.” 2023 was an amazing year for this as we chose to continue our Earth Month pledge to plant a tree for every furniture piece refinished in the month of April. After a successful social media campaign, we were able to garner the sales necessary to plant over 1000 trees this year bringing our total trees planted to over 3000. This was a widely successful campaign that was made possible by your furniture refinishing orders: so, thank you.

Close to Home – OneTreePlanted California

With this year’s planting we chose to plant the majority (900 trees) of our saplings in our home state of California. California is a biodiversity hotspot with millions of acres in need of replanting. These plantings are key in California’s fight against wildfires as new trees are strategically chosen and spaced out to create less dense, more fire resistant forests. For more information on OneTreePlanted‘s work in California and what you can do to help prevent California Wildfire check out our vlog here.

Getting our Hands Dirty – Trees Forever

Not all of our trees stayed local. This year marked a unique opportunity for Jan, our CEO, to get his hands dirty and plant trees alongside other tree planting enthusiasts for Arbor Day 2023 (April 28th). This tree planting event led to a partnership between Patio Guys and Trees Forever which included a donation from Patio Guys to their organization as a means of moving forward their mission to better our communities and environment through the planting of trees. Trees forever is just one of hundreds of organizations throughout the U.S. that are working in tangent to fulfill the United States’ pledge to plant over 51 Billion Trees by the year 2030.

Going Global – OneTreePlanted Worldwide

Deforestation is not simply a local problem or even a national problem. It’s a global problem. When large swaths of forest are cut down or burned there is a very sensitive time window in which new trees must be planted to fill in the space. Without this strategic replanting the natural seeds of nearby trees will get choked out by faster growing underbrush leaving the space cleared generations. We need this forest. Trees are absolutely essential to biodiversity as well as one of the world’s most potent tools against climate change. This means when Patio Guys and other organizations give to tree planting in places like the amazon, or in this years case Africa, it doesn’t just help the local population. It helps us all. With that in mind, Patio Guys has chosen to plant 100 of the trees for 2023 in strategic regions throughout Africa in an initiative aimed at promoting biodiversity.


Choosing Hope – OneTreePlanted

The challenges we face concerning our environment are large and vastly complicated. As a company, we don’t pretend to know all the answers. However, we do know this. When we all give a little a lot can be accomplished. This is why we give each year despite our limited budget. This is why we promote these initiatives even when they don’t always directly lead to increased revenue. Not because we ignorantly believe that one donation will solve all the world’s environmental issues; instead, we give because we know others are watching, and sometimes a movement just needs one more participant to spur on the next as we all turn from fear and discouragement towards an attitude of hope and collaboration.


We love hearing from our readers! Comment below what experience influenced you the most to begin caring for our environment. Want to know how our OneTreePlanted initiative began? Check our blog from 2019 by clicking here.

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